We define CARBON SINK PRODUCTS as those that are “reacted” and converted using Industrial wastes + CO2… the said wastes being environmental pollutants otherwise. We shall enter into Joint-venture partnership (to develop these) with dynamic and forward looking Entrepreneurs, who are able to align with our Objective of “New Business paradigm to mitigate Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)”

We shall come back again on these, soon

Thank you for the patience!

For immediate contact:




Last updated on March 31, 2014


Posted December 12, 2010 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

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  1. Excellent in all respects – Environmentally, Educationally, Financially. You all deserve full unconditional Support

    • Thank you Iyersita. we welcome you to tell us more about you and if you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us that too… Best wishes… Hariharan PV

      • Hi Iyer… Iwas informed by Dr Siva that you had interacted with him and that you have very high Interest in associating in TVDP projects. we suggest that you visit our Works at the Village in Pandavapura Taluk of Mandya District, Karnataka…. We look forward to your next move… Thanks …. Hariharan PV

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