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It is noted that each ton of Biomass (based on vegetation systems + non-toxic animal organic matter) could generate about 100 Kg of Bio-petrochemicals. An average Indian farmland would have not less than 50 Tons of NATURALLY GROWING vegetation matter per ha (irrespective of any agriculture operations are there or not). Thus, each such ha in India would be able to produce not less than:

  1. 5 Tons of Bio-petrochemicals
  2. 3.15 Tons of Biofertlizer
  3. 6.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide, which in turn could be converted into 39 Tons of CARBON SINK ENGINEERED PRODUCTS (CSEP)
  4. 75 Kg of Pure “GREEN” non-fossil based Sulfur

Please see illustrations below:


The estimated non-forest and non-oceanic Biomass (Renewable) resources in the world are about 500 billion T. These are annually renewable “green weight” that include about 77% moisture. Nearly 75% of these biomass are generated in the Tropics. Thus, the Tropics account for a total of not less than 375 billion Tons (“green weight”) of non-forest (non-oceanic) biomass generation. If we were to convert just 33% of all of these Tropical biomass into Bio-petrochemicals, the total Bio-petrochemicals produced in the Tropics alone would be a whopping 3 billion T. This is about 70% of the entire world productions/ consumptions, at present! Of the total 4.2 billion T petrochemicals used up in the world the United States alone consumes nearly 24% (= 1 billion T). A country like India would be able to produce not less than 250 million tons of bio-petrochemicals (when India now consumes about 45 million T of fossil based petrochemicals, which is about 18% of the Bio-petrochemicals potentials!)

What do we infer from the analyses above? Essentially, we arrive at the fact that Biomass based Bio-petrochemicals are the answer to the world’s petrochemicals needs.

We at AGRO-BIOGENICS (Clean-Tech) Private Limited (Please see: are working on these to develop and commercialize so that the resultant developments could be spread across the entire Tropical nations, We call up on dynamic and forward looking entrepreneurs to associate with us for JOINT-VENTURES

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Posted December 12, 2010 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

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  1. I would Like to discuss this opportunity in detail…………

    Janaki Raghu Ram

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