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Hand-Crafetd Molded Wood Substitute Doors Made in Village Work-shop

Hand-Crafted Molded Wood Substitute Doors Made in Village Work-shop

Working toward simultaneously mitigating GLOBAL WARMING and POVERTY (GWP), through Total Village Development Program (TVDP)MISSION

We, at AGRO-BIOGENICS, are working toward empowering the Village people (farm community) through creating conditions for incresing their earning power. This is being done through small scale Industry set up at the village levels. See:  and

We call up on youngsters, entrepreneurs, journalists, businessmen/women, academicians, scientists, engineers and all those interested in India’s Development through Village Development … to come forward in large numbers and associate with us.

 Our ultimate Objective is to take these forward to be set up in over 100 Tropical nations, apart from India, covering over 5 billion people on earth, and creating parallel Socio-Techno-Commercial- Environmental developments – Local resources, Local Human power and Local Wisdom – worldwide businesses of over $30 trillion


AGRO-BIOGENICS is a start-up Company developing and commercializing ZERO-WASTE ZERO-CARBON BUSINESS-MODEL (ZW-ZC-BM) that works on locally available Biomass resources (Plants/vegetation, animal matter, rainwater). This is a CLEANTECH project and India’s 638000 villages have business potentials @ $3 Trillion, and there are over 100 Tropical nations (in Africa, Latin America, South America, South/East Asia, Island nations); all together have total business potentials worth $30+Trillion. AGRO-BIOGENICS Technologies have Two Modules for Energy, Engineering Materials, Bio-Petrochemicals, Carbon-Sink Engineered-Products (CSEP) and Bio-Water. Each Module utilizes 10000 T of locally available Renewable Resources (RR) generating these different products (including entire energy needs for insitu manufacture activities + additional energy for local community needs), worth $3.5 million. India alone can have over 930000 Modules in the different villages generating over $3 trillion businesses. The end result of ZW-ZC-BM is weight-to-weight Carbon offset based on Biomass input and possibility of minimum Two jobs per Ha of land from which Biomass are collected for utilization. This results in simultaneous reduction of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP). Our immediate NEED is to associate with like-minded Entrepreneurs/ Philanthropists to engage in these CLEANTECH worldwide Socio-Techno-Commercial-Environmental Quadruple Impact Development paradigm (QID). We have so far begun certain Pilot level projects, converting Biomass systems into various value-added products, and arrived at certain commercial level production setup. Our Capital raised so far are about $115,000; and we are looking to raise a total of $1.5 million to $2 million for a Two set MODULE system Pilot plant, to be replicated all over India and in the other 100+ tropical nations. Our Technologies are unique and there are no other companies involved in equivalent Products/projects. The Markets are the regular Markets for Fuels, Petrochemicals, Energy, Engineered products, Fertilizer etc. These Products under AGRO-BIOGENICS Technology being Alternate Products with lesser Costs, our Marketing efforts would automatically counter almost all equivalent existing products.

This CO-FOUNDER level is more or less a parallel to the Chief Promoter/ Mentor, which currently involves almost everything that we do and we have to do. The Co-Founder would help in taking up a part of the Responsibilities and work load, as well as being the “next top management” center, becoming the Top Management in due course. This activity will throw new opportunities to the “person”, at the HIGHEST Management level of a Start-up Company, that would do All-India and worldwide businesses through a new Paradigm. The said opportunity involves new challenges, responsibilities and working in the latest CLEAN-TECHNOLOGY environment. The CO-FOUNDER would be a Shareholder of the Company

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 You can Associate with us to create the foundations for the Greatest New Paradigm Business, yet:

India’s Development through TVDP

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Posted December 10, 2013 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

4 responses to “Calling like-minded people all over India and worldwide to participate with us

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  1. Hello Donald Nse Nta… thank you foryour interest. We shall conenct with you on this through mail… Best wishes and regards… Hariharan PV

  2. Dear Hariharan PV, do you have any Technology of making doors from Saw dust and other waste that can be replicated in my community in Nigeria? Regards

  3. do u have any technology for door manufacturing in chitisgarh bhilai?

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