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Superior Specialty Molded COCONUT TREE Plank-Molded Front Door . Traditional design

Superior Specialty Molded COCONUT TREE Plank-Molded Front Door . Traditional design

Coconut Trees are world’s STRONGEST Timber trees. However, in view of the possibility of insect attack over the year, many did not look at this wonderful UNIDIRECTIONAL HIGHLY STRONG Tree as a useful Structural material, although local people still use these tree materials for many “low cost” constructions. When appropriately treated and Epoxy Coated, these tree materials, after proper seasoning, would be the Best Timber material for Doors, Furniture, Structurals and Flooring. Their natural Beauty and Polish are such that even Rose wood and Brazilian Timber would not be any match

Molded Doors

Molded Doors_Coloring Data

SOME TECHNICAL DATA:(Click on Illustration to have enlarged View)

Environment Friendly MOLDED DOORS

Environment Friendly MOLDED DOORS

NOTE: Consider One US $ = Rs.69

Here is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to associate with our venture .. IN MARKETING. We now have superior quality WOOD SUBSTITUTE SINGLE PIECE MOLDED DOORS… These come in various designs, Styling and in THREE Categories … JANTA, EXCLUSIVE and MONARCH… Marketing Group would have opportunity to be exclusive marketeers of AGO-BIOGENICS MOLDED DOORS in a region/ area

HERE IS A SMALL SCALE PROJECT FOR MOLDED DOORS MANUFACTURE: Download the Document: business-plan-to-manufacture-green-certification-worthy-molded-doors

For more details; contact:  HARIHARAN PV <>

Updated January 24, 2017


Posted March 4, 2013 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

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  1. We r devoloping a eco village, name Govardhan eco village Wants to buy 52 door planks as door shutter.please contact for sizes .we want to see sample,and delivery details

  2. Very interesting for people who want to work. This is only for active, energetic, and conscientious individuals.
    I need information about the venture partner and the investment part, besides people should find employment with salary. Please explain?
    Paul Ponniah

  3. Interested to market the product in Kolhapur region Maharashtra. Send details of products, pricing and the present market. Experienced in Glass, Moulded doors and construction products.

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