Energy and Energy systems that do not depend on Fossil based materials. Our thrust shall be to develop Renewable Resources (RR) based energy and energy systems (mainly based on vegetation matter, animal matter and non-toxic organic wastes). We shall enter into Joint-venture partnership (to develop these) with dynamic and forward looking Entrepreneurs, who are able to align with our Objective of “New Business paradigm to mitigate Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)

Here is a SYSTEM that would convert Methane gas Burning Power into COMBINED HEAT POWER + ELECTRICITY …

It is possible for us to convert any Petrol engine into CHP Engine system so that the efficiency finally improves from a POOR 30% to over 83%

We shall come back again on these, soon.

Thank you for the patience!

For immediate contact:

Last updated on March 31, 2014


Posted December 12, 2010 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)


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  1. Looks very interesting to be commercialized to meet huge power gap ailing the Indian scenario and growth.

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