Innovative products need new and specialized processes, materials, systems and contrivances. These would have to be appropriately engineered using appropriate Equipments/ Machinery and Process Plants. Devising, designing and Constructing such Specialty Equipments would be undertaken by AGRO-BIOGENICS in a big way. Many of these alos would have niche markets. We shall enter into Joint-venture partnership (to develop these) with dynamic and forward looking Entrepreneurs, who are able to align with our Objective of “New Business paradigm to mitigate Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)”

We shall come back again on these, soon

Thank you for the patience!

For immediate contact:mailto:pvhramani@yahoo.com




Last updated on March 31, 2014



Posted December 12, 2010 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

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