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Here is an opportunity for Dynamic and Forward looking Entrepreneurs to join us, to reap the benefits of the BIGGEST BUSINESS Operation in History (in the making). YES! We mean it!

Resources and Business Potentials

An Idea of Biogas Business Potential in Mandya District

Here is an example: Of the total 641 Districts in India with a total of 638,596 villages, Mandya District in Karnataka State has a total of 1580 villages. Within these, 1,559 villages are inhabited and fully functional. AGRO-BIOGENICS are currently working on Total Village Development Projects (TVDP) in Mandya district, starting with one of the seven Taluks involved … namely, in Pandavapura. Pandavapura alone has 192 villages, with 171 being fully functional. We are working on a parallel Economic Development concept, whereby the average Village level turn over per village would be Rs.3 Crores ($536,000). This would create a total Mandya based Village level turnover of Rs4677 Cr ($835,624,000)

That is the Business Potential in just ONE of the 641 Districts in India. The lowest estimated Total Parallel Economic Development potential (Business) in India is Rs.30,000,000,000,000 ($536,000,000,000)

We solicit the involvement of Dynamic Entrepreneurs, so that together we could develop the GREATEST Business on earth … that would ultimately answer the twin problems of GLOBAL WARMING AND POVERTY (GWP)

Revolutionary Business … Converting Local Resources and Local Manpower into Very High-value Businesses:

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Agro-Wastes Converted into WOOD SUBSTITUTE Planks




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Posted July 27, 2012 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

5 responses to “Calling Dynamic Entrepreneurs

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  2. Dear Mr. Hariharan and Ms. Lalitha,

    Kudos to your highly informative blog which would invite any dynamic entreprenuer to take active part into a business venture that would facilitate the growth of rural base of India, alongside with a vast scope for generating high end returns on a long term basis. Could you also throw more light in a separate blog the business potential of the biogas plants, means your techinical plan to make it functional in all villages by the set-up.

    Please continue your undeterred efforts for the holistic development of our villages, many like minded enterprising youth will join the movement.

    Once again I congrajulate you for evolving such a novel concept for buidling our nation.

    Chinmayi SIndhu

    • Hi Chinmayi Sindhu

      Thank you for your continued interest

      The Biogas plants are to be set up on the basis of piped supply to a cluster of a maximum of Ten houses in every Village. The first Pilot Plant is being designed and getting ready at one of the Villages (Kennalu) in Pandavapura Taluk, Mandya. This is a simple design that is planned for a group of Three houses. This would be followed by a more comprehensive design that would cater to a cluster of 7 to 10 houses. More details would be available shortly … With best regards and wishes…. Hariharan PV and Lalitha

  3. Hi Chinmayi Sindhu
    Thank you for your interest. Your statement …”First to begin with, I wish to be part of your mission as a woman entreprenuer. I will come back to you soon.” is very encouraging and shows your dynamism. We shall keep the door open

    Best wishes

  4. Mr. Hariharan and Ms. Lalitha
    I happened to visit your link and I am amazed to see the kind of business potential you are creating in the villages of India. The volume of business that is to enhance of the income potential of each household in rural areas from the agro wastes available there itself which is underutilised and unutilised without even a small imagination made by anyone right from Academicians to the grass root level institutions are really the need of hour for our country. I say ‘special kudos’ to you’ to Mr. Hariharan for devoting your entire life for the cause of tackling twin peoblems of Global warming and poverty is something highly placed on records of Indian Economic and Social development. I think many young entreprenuers will join youhr movement.
    First to begin with, I wish to be part of your mission as a woman entreprenuer. I will come back to you soon.

    All the best of luck to AGRO-BIOGENICS and you both on field for a grand growth and success of your mission.

    Chinmayi Sindhu

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