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Here is an opportunity for dynamic and forward looking entrepreneurs to join us and reap the benefits

Karnataka state has one hundred and seventy seven talukas and we are beginning TVDP (Total Village Development Projects) in Pandavapura Taluk. There are 171 Village panchayats, and we estimate a total business in Pandavapura at over Rs.900 Cr

Wood Substitute Molded Door Shutter using Bagasse’

Agrowaste-Molded Door, under Constructon

Agrowaste-Molded Door, under Construction

NOTE: Pandavapura Taluk alone could convert about 20,000 T of bagasse’ into 30,000 T Wood substitutes valued at over Rs.1,800,000,000 (Rs.180 Cr). Other agrowastes such as Coconut Tree materials, Banana tree materials and various other vegetation are still there!

If you are a Karnataka based NRI/ Entrepreneur, we invite you to have discussions with us so that together we could build-up unprecedented socio-techno-commercial and environmental developments in Karnataka. Engage us for a direct one-on-one discussion… we shall support you to the hilt in creating Value-added high-Tech products from mere agrowastes. An investment of just Rs.10 L ($20,000) would take you to not less than Rs.3 Cr ($600,000) turnover in just one year from start! Karnataka’s Agro-Renewable resources based TOTAL BUSINESS Potential is of the order of Rs.7.5 trillion. Let all of US JOIN TOGETHER and create this Development Potential into a REALITY  …

Updated on March 31, 2014


Posted October 26, 2012 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

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