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CHALLENGE US WITH THE PROBLEMS OF THE POORER COMMUNITIES; EVERY PROBLEM OPENS UP BUSINESS POTENTIALS FOR THE POORER COMMUNITIES. WE SHALL CONVERT THOSE INTO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THAT GENERATE WEALTH, THROUGH REAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT! To us, Development of the Poorer communities is NOT giving them “gifts/doles”, but empowering them with enhanced PURCHASING POWER so that they too get opportunities to have the BEST of everything and  you may download the Presentation of TOTAL VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (TVDP) here: India’s Development – reaching $18 Tr Value addition – through TVDP


Working toward mitigation of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP), reducing the gap between “rich” and “poor” … with ultimate Objective of Providing decent Livelihood Earnings to every able bodied man/woman in villages. To this end, we shall develop and create a new Quadruple Impact Development (QID) paradigm: TECHNO-SOCIO-ECONOMIC-ENVIRONMENTAL developments. The on-the-ground implementation would be through a ZERO-WASTE ZERO-CARBON BUSINESS-MODEL (ZW-ZC-BM), which would be a Closed-Loop Self-Regenerative Recycling (SRR) system ( …

“Advanced Western technology is by no means ideally suited to the conditions of the typical underdeveloped country – but a third technology which consists of an adaptation of modern methods to the special conditions of the underdeveloped world – however, this third technology does not really exist. Lacking it, the modern underdeveloped country typically tries to import the “latest” Western methods, with the consequence that it faces acute shortages in certain areas (capital and trained personnel) while it has idle surpluses in others (large number of unemployed unskilled workers)”

————————————————————- Dr Richard T Gill, 1963

We do not follow, copy or mimic any so-called “State-of-the-Art” technology and also do not consider the same as relevant in India’s context. India has over 638,000 Villages where 900 million people live, and where almost all our non-forest Renewable Resources are available. To us, the contention that an alien technology (which are mostly developed in Temperate Zone climatic conditions of the Western world), could be “adapted” to suit our condition is NOT acceptable. We would even go to the extent of “reinventing the wheel” if it is warranted to suit to our Local Needs and Conditions. We call up on Entrepreneurs/ Universities/ R & D Institutions for Joint Ventures that would utilize AVAILABLE RENEWABLE RESOURCES (Plants/ vegetation/ Animal matter/ Food wastes/ Organic Wastes:


AGROBIOGENICS aim to achieve development on the basis of Socio-Techno-Commercial and Environmental impacts created (Quadruple Impact Development = QID). The prime criterion would be the increase in Jobs at “lowest” rungs of the society; the second would be the impact on knowledge levels that help in enhancing current and future developments; the third criterion would be the impact and potentials in business and commerce; the fourth criterion would measure how much lesser all these would impact on the environment …

TROPICS HAVE GREATEST RESOURCES…about 375 Billion Tons (“green weight”) of Non-Forest and non-oceanic resources. Here are a few such Resources: (Click on the Photos to enlarge)

Various Plants and Vegetation systems useful for Conversions in Village areas

Various Plants and Vegetation systems useful for Conversions in Village areas

(NOTE: “Green Weight” means … weight, inclusive of water/ moisture)

It is estimated that the potential businesses (MEGA-BUSINESSES) involved through utilizing available Renewable Resources (RR) are about US $30Trillion to $40 trillion – the tropics alone accounting for 75% of these!

  • And here is AGROBIOGENICS calling Entrepreneurs all over the tropics (particularly in India) to come forward …
  • We believe that this NEW Business alone could develop and transform our nations into Developed Nations.
  • This New Business would empower the poorest in the communities by making them shareholders of the Companies created for the same. Every one in the Community would have equal opportunities

Please Read more here: India’s Development – reaching $18 Tr Value addition – through TVDP

For immediate contact   :

Updated as on December 10, 2020



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  4. Dear All

    We can work on a problem affecting our national wealth heavily. 70% of food grains produced by our farmers are eaten away or spoiled by rats. Out of that 40% destruction happen in Indian Railway wagons. Other day I was talking to a Manager of FCI go down. He was telling that after FCI taking action to eradicate rats from their go downs, along with next wagons fresh “batch” of rats will be “supplied” by Railway. Can we do some thing on this line? Best Regards

    • Hello Joseph… Thanks for connecting. The subject looks interesting and we shall be happy to know more about the facts of the matter. Will it be possible for visiting the said Manager/ Godown of the Railways/ FCI, to study on the same a bit more? Do the FCI have any program for action now? Would they commission a third party for a study and further action?… Best regards.. Hariharan PV

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